October 28, 2021

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zyva studio’s ‘snow bunny’ blends 2000s aesthetic with alice in wonderland

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alice in the 2000’s


zyva studio agency founder anthony authié unveils a new clothing store in paris, dubbed ‘snow bunny.’ the architect notes that the space is realized as if we were ‘in the head of the white rabbit from alice in wonderland.’ located in the 3rd arrondissement of the french capital, the snow bunny store celebrates vintage clothing from the 2000’s and integrates themes from the writings of lewis carroll. visitors are invited to step into an imaginary world, ‘discovering chimerical clothes.’

images by yohann fontaine | @yohann_fontaine



zyva studio’s PSYCHEDELIC nature


the designer comments on the spirit of the concept: ‘we were inspired by the characters and settings of alice in wonderland, the psychedelic side of chester’s cat, the white rabbit as a common thread, the multicolored flowers that speak, the green and disturbing nature, the candy pink of the banquet tablecloth, the characters of different sizes.’


the compact, zyva studio-designed ‘snow bunny’ store was designed with a low budget — this forced the architect to develop modular solutions for ease of assembly and disassembly. the green monochrome walls and marble flooring, inspired by the texture of oysters, suggest the atmosphere of a psychedelic nature. linear metallic lights echo two lightning bolts, introducing a luminous directionality, a path to follow through the space.

zyva studio snow bunny



the 3D printed sculptures


anthony authié of zyva studio describes the design process of the snow bunny interior: ‘the space is lived like a storyboard, we set the scene at first and as we move through the space, we meet the different characters of the story. the modular metal structure racks are decorated with 3D printed sculptures that recall the multicolored flowers that alice meets after becoming tiny.


these 3D printed sculptures are not there by chance, they allow the hanging of small accessories like necklaces, bracelets or rings. they are like small characters. they introduce certain details that participate in the overall understanding of the story.

zyva studio snow bunny



chains hang on the walls, swaying and introducing ‘a disturbing sound effect’ when gently brushed by visitors. from these moving elements, other objects like handbags or caps can be hung. finally, toward the rear of the space, the changing booth stands like a totem, ‘a war treasure that sits enthroned in the symmetry of the space.’ the curtains are made from pink imitation snake skin to contrast with the rest of the chromatic palette.


we wanted the different pieces of furniture to feel like they were coming to life. both in their forms and their movements, but also in the sound they would emit. sounds of collisions with the chains, but also of textures that mix and tangle like with the scratches that hold the multicolored figurines.’


we wanted to give this cabin a supernatural dimension, as if it were a mystical animal, a sort of pink python. once inside, a new reality absorbs you.’

zyva studio's 'snow bunny' interior hybridizes 2000's aesthetic with alice in wonderland
‘the 3D printed sculptures recall the multicolored flowers that alice meets after becoming tiny’ zyva studio's 'snow bunny' interior hybridizes 2000's aesthetic with alice in wonderland
the changing booth stands like a pink totem

zyva studio’s ‘snow bunny’ interior hybridizes 2000’s aesthetic with alice in wonderland

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