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Wood ash can provide nutrients for the garden – McKenzielee Blog
March 25, 2023

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Wood ash can provide nutrients for the garden

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I had an unusual question from one of my readers while at the butcher shop in Jeromesville a few years ago. She was concerned about throwing wood ash on her garden and whether the practice of spreading it was something a person should actually be doing?

As the temperatures are about to take a nosedive my thoughts have turned to folks who are wondering what they can do with their wood ash. Thirty years ago, when I was married to my first wife, we used a lot of wood in our wood stove to heat our home. It really wasn’t anything to get a coal bucket out of our stove two to three times a week.

I worked in town and my ex would visit and take care of her parents. My folks would normally spread the wood ash from their fireplace on their garden faithfully. I’m not really sure my folks really experienced much improvement in their own garden.


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