April 1, 2023

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Why You Should Put Samples On Your Wall Before You Order Wallpaper

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You’ve now ordered wallpaper samples. You might now be wondering…

What now?

There are many people who have high hopes for a complete room transformation at this stage. But don’t let that stop you! Let’s all be finishers, people.

These are the next steps in creating a custom-curated home. Start with the right wallpaper.

Take a look at the color

The most important thing to do when using your vinyl self adhesive wallpapers samples is to check the color. They are made in small samples so that you can see the full range of colors.

You can try the Material

The samples can be used to test the material in difficult spaces such as a textured wall or humid bathroom. If the material sticks well and looks good, it should stay up at least one week. You can remove it and reposition it as many times you like. It’s really easy, right?

Compare with the Full Scale Images

You can see the entire look on our website. Each product page has images that show the wallpaper in its full scale. To help you understand the size of the pattern, we often include a scale reference in our product information. For example, dots measure 2 inches in diameter. To visualize the scale, use a ruler or measuring tape. Are you still having difficulty visualizing the scale?

Take measurements of your space

Next, you will need to determine how much boys nursery wallpaper you should get for your space. Now it’s time for a few calculations, but only a few!

Measure the wall’s maximum width and height to determine how much. The HEIGHT measurement will determine the size of the panel that you need. It must equal or exceed the height of your wallpaper panel. A panel that is 96 inches high would be required for a wall with a height of 94 inches. You now know which size panel is best for your wall. Boom!

The WIDTH of your wall is what will tell you how many panels (the quantity). Simply divide the width in inches by 27. This is the number of panels you will need. If your wall measures 132 inches in width, five panels will be required. 132 divided by 27, equals 4.88 panels. Round up to the nearest whole number.

Wallpaper can transform any room. Wallpaper can transform a space by adding texture, pattern and colour to walls.

Wallpaper ideas can be used in any room size. Smaller rooms can be made more interesting by using the right wallpaper.

What to avoid when selecting wallpaper

Pattern is your only option

You don’t need to have wallpaper that is heavily patterned in order to make a statement. To add colour and texture to any room, you can purchase a plain, simple wallpaper. Alex states that plain wallpaper is a great option to paint, which can show dirt more easily than wallpaper.

Use the wrong paste

It is important to consider how the wallpaper will adhere to your wall when shopping for wallpaper. There are generally three types of wallpaper: paste the wall, pre-pasted and paste the wallpaper.

Tape the cracks

It’s crucial to understand what lies below before you make the plunge and start decorating. Alex gives some tips. Alex advises that you use a scraper to determine how many layers of paper are underneath the wall covering. It’s important to allow extra time for wall coverings that are more than 2 layers.

You don’t have to wallpaper the entire wall.

A feature wall is a wall that covers the entire wall. However, it’s possible to create a feature without covering the entire wall. Even if you have only one roll of wallpaper, it may not be enough to cover the entire wall.

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