March 28, 2023

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Vegetables stolen from Clinton Twp. senior center community garden

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As far as crimes go, this one is small potatoes.

But it was a big deal to the elderly folks who worked all summer to grow the produce and were just about ready to harvest it and donate it to families in need. They felt like they were robbed of much more than their garden vegetables.

Debbie Travis, the Clinton Township Senior Center’s assistant director, told the Free Press on Monday the situation is ludicrous. “We don’t get this kind of energy at the senior center. We’re an activities center, like a playground for seniors and retirees.”

Still, if there is anything good that’s come of the caper, it’s that hundreds of people throughout metro Detroit have rallied to show support for the center, including people who brought in produce from their own gardens to try to replace what was stolen.

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