June 30, 2022

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Pakistan’s ex-Interior Minister Rasheed accuses Sharif & family of wanting to ‘kill’ him

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In a jolting allegation against the newly-formed government, former Pakistan Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed on Sunday said that his life was in danger and accused Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and his extended family of plotting an attack on the Islamabad march in the last week of May and “kill” him. While addressing a press conference, Rasheed declared “these people want to kill me” and that they are intending the “mishap” in the Islamabad march. Former Pakistani Interior Minister, according to ARY report, also said that he was “followed twice yesterday”. 

Rasheed said, “If any mishap happens, Nawaz Sharif, Shehbaz Sharif, Hamza Shehbaz, Sulaiman, Salman Nawaz and Rana Sanaullah will be responsible”.

“These people want to kill me, they are intending the mishap in Islamabad March. I was followed twice yesterday. I have filed an application to Secretariat and Kohsar police stations,” reported ARY News.

 “I have also given applications to the Army Chief, DG Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and DG Intelligence Bureau (IB) that seven people want to kill me,” he added.

Rasheed’s unprecedented allegations came after former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday announced that he would hold a massive march towards Islamabad in the last week of May to protest against what he termed a “corrupt and imported government”. It is to note here that Sharif was sworn in as the Prime Minister on April 23 after on April 11, his predecessor Imran Khan was ousted in a no-confidence vote.

‘I am not scared of jail’, claims Rasheed

Further, after accusing the Pakistan PM and his family of ‘wanting’ to kill Rasheed, the former Pakistan Interior minister asserted, “I don’t fear and I am not scared of jail, it is to me like the home of in-laws.” He went on to claim that the Sharif-led government wants to arrest him ahead of the huge rally but added, “Let them arrest me and fulfil the desire of their heart”. 

While Rasheed on Sunday said people in Pakistan would continue to protest even if he and Khan are arrested, in another turn of events, Pakistan’s Punjab Police booked the ousted PM and 150 others, including known members of the PTI-led Cabinet. The charges were filed against the officials for allegedly instigating a mob to hurl abusive slogans at incumbent PM Shehba Sharif in Saudi Arabia. 

Meanwhile, Rasheed said, “I want to say the establishment to rein in Rana Sanaullah, he wants civil war in the country. If Imran Khan and I are arrested the people will themselves march on Islamabad.”

Image: AP



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