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Key Aspects For Delivering A Quality Mobile App

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On the other hand, test automation has major benefits when it comes to efficiency and cost-effectiveness. You can run more tests more quickly and release new versions of your app more frequently. It is essential to acknowledge that the world has become mobile-first, and there has been an exponential spike in the usage of mobile devices.

mobile testing types

Insufficient or incomplete functionality will lead to abandonment, so make sure that the main functions have been implemented and tested before proceeding. Security concerns lead to one-third of all app uninstallations. In order to ensure data security and app behavior, security testing is implemented for various permission schemes. It is impossible to tell how well your application will serve most users if you do not test the mobile experience. Unless you understand this, you’ll receive negative comments and one-star app reviews on social media.

Why Is Mobile App Testing So Important?

Unlike other automation tools, Appium provides a stable WebDriver-based interface keeping your tests easy despite any upgrades. Out-of-the-box testing only on simulators, requires additional utilities to work with real devices. Running on a simulator or a real device, WDA transfers commands via API to XCUITest. If you’re caught up in iPhone app testing, check out the options you have. It all comes down to XCUITest – Apple‘s official UI testing tool.

mobile testing types

The tester is asked to perform exploratory testing as well as execute the scripted tests that the Agency has provided. When it comes to mobile application testing, there are so many myths prevalent, that a novice can easily be convinced. Mobile app testing helps find bugs and provides reliable feedback on them. Beta testers and professional testers not only help in identifying bugs but also gauge application performance before the big release. You must perform mobile app testing before releasing an app to ensure it functions appropriately throughout the customer journey. Doing this can improve the app’s functionality and overall quality along with its security and user engagement.

Instead, outline multiple packet scenarios that are critical for reliable performance. Set objectives that correspond to your business plan and goals for your app. At this stage, your QA software testing team will get to know the product architecture. Before we get to our mobile app testing checklist, let’s walk through what to test in each of these areas and why. Usability testing looks at the app from the user’s perspective to determine if the interface is effective and efficient and provides a positive user experience.

Hybrid apps include a native application wrapper that is independent of iOS or Android. So, a hybrid application can access all operating systems specific capabilities. A hybrid application can be installed from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Our mobile testing experts enable you to identify and correct performance-related as well as technical issues and defects, and optimize application performance effectively. We offer sophisticated and best in class mobile testing infrastructure that comprises our indigenous solutions as well as third-party testing solutions that you can choose from.

Q What Kind Of Testing Did You Perform Functional, Interruption, Connectivity, Etc?

This testing method is best used for specific features in the product-development phase. Mobile app testing in the cloud is virtual platforms and you can access them in any part of the world at any time. So they do not have any geographical constraints, hence you can collaborate with your team members at any time from anywhere. You can also remain connected and share important information like reports etc from any part of the world. This will certainly have a good effect on the productivity of the team and avail them of flexible working hours.

mobile testing types

This demand for mobile apps has increased massive competition in every industry to produce high-quality mobile apps that users find useful. Also, nobody wants to wait while your app keeps on circling, and people might quit using it altogether if they encounter a poor user experience. The right mobile testing strategies and approaches can make sure your app is functional and successful every step of the way. Further, we overview the tools that will help you turn the by-hand testing of your app into an automated one. To learn about general automated testing tools, read our article on that topic.

Ensuring that the app functions properly on all platforms requires thorough testing, and there’s simply no substitute for testing on actual devices. Real device testing allows developers to identify bugs and other problems they might otherwise have missed. Ensuring responsiveness of the mobile application across different device types. Mobile web apps are accessed using mobile native browsers, such as Native Android Browser, Chrome, Safari, Firefox or device specific mobile browsers such as Samsung Browsers etc. Hence, these can be tested using the Selenium test framework. Our high-quality app testing services with automation, performance and security expertise can help fast track your GTM strategy.

Create your free account to download this automated tool and test your app. Secured testing and improved performance through single tenant model deployed on and off prem. Unit tests ensure components or units of your app work as intended.

The most common problem is the high cost which is obvious in the cloud. Next issue that declares their presence because of uncertain internet connectivity. Problems related to the subscription models and the lock-in situations are also critical to deal with.

Parallel Testing

Android’s Espresso and iOS’s XCUITest are other good options instead of Appium. These two tools were developed to serve a specific OS, so you can’t write one code and use it on any device. Both of these applications have a great feature which can record and repeat your interactions with an app. Appium also has this feature, but in most cases, it is not as stable and easy to use.

  • E2E testing offers insight into the end-user experience and is usually conducted towards the end of a testing cycle, after more targeted testing.
  • Robotium, one of the first automated testing tools for Android, is frequently utilized.
  • At Concise Software, we make sure to engage our Quality Assurance specialists right from the project’s start and keep them engaged throughout the project.
  • Custom checks require good programming skills and a deep understanding of how Android works.
  • While performing a test case of an incoming call, ensure that the app should slide into the background and resume like before once the call is disconnected.

So, with effective and quality mobile application testing, you can ensure better adaptability and immense scalability for your mobile application. Amateur or non-tech business owners end their app development budget with the cost to hire app developers and period. But in fact, App development is direly incomplete without app testing. There are different types of operating systems available in the market such as iOS, Android, Windows, etc.

You can communicate with users about the bug through Asana, Trello, JIRA, or move to Gitlab, Github, Slack, etc., directly from LambdaTest. Run test for geo-blocking, geo localization, geo-targeting across 27+ countries, including Japan, India, United States, Germany, Canada, Australia, UK, and more. Another example might be a banking app, where functional testing would involve validating that when a new user signs up, the onboarding process complies with Know Your Customer laws. Here are some of the key mobile testing strategies and approaches you need to know to ensure the success of your app. If you’re about to launch an app with future updates and features, this post is for you.

In the case of SeeTest, it is its price so the tool isn’t suitable for small scale projects. In addition, the tool isn’t open source so there’s no room for adjustments. Detailed test reports with screenshots, videos and log files.


Managing a plethora of real devices can create headaches for app testers. That’s why Enconnex developed a line of racks and cabinets for real device testing with the capacity to house up to 400 devices securely in a standard-footprint unit. These racks and cabinets can be integrated into the data center or used to design an efficient lab environment.

It is one of the most popular cross-platform testing tools for mobile application made for iOS and Android. However, unlike other ios testing tools, Calabash has its tests written in Cucumber. Therefore, since its code is extremely easy to read, this tool is extremely useful for running various ios automation tests. The year 2019 has witnessed a great leap in the mobile app market due to the constantly evolving technology.

Perform Localization Testing

According to a report, global expenditure on mobile applications reached around $29.3 billion in 2020. So, you see, the whole world is loving mobile apps just like you do. Mobile device testing is the rigorous run through of mobile apps to check functionality, How to Improve Mobile Testing Skills usability, and consistency. Helpful to learn about when to automate mobile testing and the importance of manual testing along with automated mobile testing. Also, glad to learn about many automated testing tools that are useful for new automation QA engineers.

Mobile app performance testing can be categorized into following types. Perfecto is a secure, sophisticated, and scalable mobile testing tool. Test on emulators/simulators and real devices without any hassle of maintenance of the devices. You will get enterprise-grade security and can scale to 10k test executions per day. Since almost every mobile app requires some kind of personal data to solve its purpose, it’s important to do regular testing to ensure that this data remains secure and confidential.

Boost your test coverage with the supported browsers and devices you need to test over the cloud, same-day access for the new releases. Perfecto integrates with many test frameworks like XCUITest and Appium to CI tools such as Jira and Jenkins for test management. Perform online cross-browser testing of your apps on the latest Android browser emulators and mobile iOS simulators with LambdaTest.

You can also save your tests on the machine for version management, complete offline execution, and backup. TestProject will handle setup, orchestration, and maintenance and gives you the benefit of automatic test deployment, seamless integrations, and remote execution with your favorite tools. You can also build CI/CD pipelines with integrated CLI for the local test execution and HTML report generation, including screenshots. Apart from these, there are other types of testing such as interrupt testing, regression testing, operational testing, installation testing, and interface testing.


Here we concentrate on mobile testing, although some players will remain as they support both web and mobile testing. Testing teams should consider automating regression or functional scenarios to the most feasible extent. Various automation tools are available for mobile app test automation, such as Appium, Charles Proxy, UI Automator, XCode, Flutter, Android Studio, Espresso Android, WebPage Test, etc. Mobile app developers and testers must choose real devices considering the latest market research data on device usage.

That is why mobile phones should be adequately tested before releasing them to the market. To ensure that the short sentences and paragraphs are readable to the end users. To ensure that the icons are natural and consistent with the application. To check if any cryptography code is broken and ensure that it is repaired. To enable the session management for preventing unauthorized users to access unsolicited information.

Certification Mobile Testing

Staying competitive in an increasingly crowded market means being able to move and adapt quickly with as few mistakes as possible. One of the best and fastest ways to do this is to optimize your testing workflow, and that means minimizing or eliminating manual testing wherever possible. User experience testing ensures that the app is intuitive and easy to use. These two terms are often confused and used interchangeably, and both processes are meant to improve the quality of your mobile app, but they aren’t the same. By combining automated and manual testing, we can deliver a better product faster and with greater quality. A mobile app installation test verifies that it was installed and uninstalled correctly.

It tests code path coverage, considers method coverage and line coverage. Our industry-leading expertise with app development across healthcare, fintech, and ecommerce is why so many innovative companies choose us as their technology partner. Some companies tout special protocols that stimulate participants to voice all their actions in real-time as they navigate around a mobile app.

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