October 17, 2021

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IN YOUR CORNER: Notorious contractor facing felony charges again

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Our stories on Geronimo Marquez date back nearly a decade. He’s now facing fresh charges in two different counties, as complaints once again come in to the In Your Corner line.

The Melendez’s had seemingly done all their homework.

“We verified references, he was a little cheaper than the other people,” said Rachel Melendez. “He sent us a whole bunch of pictures of work he’s supposedly done.”

At the time, the contractor was going by different names such as Jay or John, agreeing to build onto the Melendez’s home, accepting thousands up front.

But they tell our team the work never started, causing the family to look online.

“My husband started digging on google, ‘Jay Marquez’ construction, just kept going further and further,” Rachel said. “That’s how he found the news 4 link.”

A quick Google search on Geronimo Marquez will turn up News 4 pieces dating back to the early 2010s.

Our most recent report came back in May. Tales of his alleged fraud had caught the attention of former Oklahoma Attorney General, Mike Hunter.

Marquez was charged with four counts of violating the consumer protection act, and one count of exhibiting a pattern of criminal behavior.

“We have no patience in this office with folks who are scamming and defrauding Oklahomans,” said Hunter. “I mean get an honest job.”

Shortly after our story in May, Marquez gave the In Your Corner hotline a ring.

He told our team he wished to speak with us, and put out word he intended on trying to pay back customers he owed.

In Your Corner decided we’d rather let Geronimo’s actions do the talking.

Now, only five months later, Marquez is facing fresh felony fraud charges in Cleveland and Comanche counties.

He’s also being sued in Oklahoma County, a case where he failed to appear in court earlier this week.

Jay Timog is pursuing the legal action, after his hopes for an in ground pool fell by the wayside.

He tells News 4, he paid Marquez $7500 back in July, but the work never started.

“Just a bunch of lies,” added Timog. “Stories that he’s told me.”

We briefly spoke with Geronimo on the phone. He told our team he was waiting on money to ‘come in’ for refunds, and had accidentally missed his court date.

He declined to elaborate further however, wanting instead to speak off the record.

“Well if you’re gonna put me on the news, then I’m not gonna [talk],” he said. “I want to talk to y’all first.”

So for his customers, it’s back to the drawing board on their home projects.

For Marquez, it’s a busy schedule ahead as more court dates loom.

IN YOUR CORNER: Notorious contractor facing felony charges again

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