January 18, 2022

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How to Prevent a Home Invasion

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Homeowners should be on the lookout for home invasions! Security systems are often recommended, but they aren’t 100% effective in preventing break-ins because these alarms go off after an invasion occurs which can sometimes come too late. Luckily there’s other ways to ensure your house remains free from intruders – here are 5 preventative tips that every homeowner needs know about

1) Install Security Doors

Whether you go with cast iron doors or spring for the investment option of aircraft grade steel mesh screens, installing security door and window screens on your property is a sure fired way to ensure no one will be able to break into your home. Homeowners in cities such as Las Vegas, Nevada know all too well about how often home invasions occur. You can’t be sure who or when someone will try to break into your home, but with a security door installed you can rest easy knowing your loved ones and valuables are safe and sound.

2) Keep your Home Tidy

When it comes time for property protection, homeowners should consider how seemingly insignificant acts of carelessness can lead a thief directly through their front door. For example if you leave your children’s toys and bikes out unattended they are essentially waving flags that say “we’re home!” So instead of knocking on an occupied gate or fence why not just pick this house since its neighbors don’t seem too concerned either?

3) Install Sufficient Lighting Around your Property

Motion-actuated lights are a great way to make your home more secure and safe! They’ll trigger the light when someone walks by, which makes it hard for burglars because they know that you’re looking down on them. This also helps deterring any unwanted visitors from going into other people’s properties near woods or parks where robbers could easily escape unnoticed in the darkness of the night.

4) Maintaining your Landscape is Important

The best way to deter thieves is by making it harder for them. Make sure your shrubs and trees are well maintained, so they can’t easily access other areas of your home or be able to keep out of site as they attempt to sneak into your house without being seen! A common tactic used in Las Vegas homeowners’ neighborhoods involves placing loose gravel atfront doorstep – this will give off an audible crunch whenever someone approaches which should warn anyone living inside that an intruder is in the yard.

5) Develope Relationships with your Neighbors

Try not to be too isolated from your neighbors, even if you live alone. Your neighbors can become your best friends when it comes to protecting the neighborhood from burglars. Not only do neighbors subconsciously look out for one another, reporting when suspicious activity occurs, but while you are away on vacation or just at work for the day you can have a trusted neighbor collect any packages that are delivered to your door, as well as, mail that may accumulate while you are out of town. Another benefactor of having a strong community of neighbors is normally a neighborhood crime watch commity is formed that will help authroities deter home invasion crime in your area.

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