March 28, 2023

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Home renovation options for renters

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If you rent a home, you know it may be tough to make changes since you do not own it. But there are some ways you can update your home, even if it is temporary.

“As a renter, I’m always thinking about ways I can make my apartment feel more like me without the risk of losing my security deposit. One of my favorite ways to add character and color to a room is temporary wallpaper. If you’d prefer to paint, you can, just plan on repainting it when you leave. Washi tape is another great option for adding an accent wall with pattern and texture, and that is pretty easy to remove,” Mallory Micetich, a home care expert at Angi said.

Brightening up your rental with new light fixtures and window treatments is another great way to add character. Put in LED bulbs to improve energy efficiency and lower your monthly electricity bills. Faux chandeliers and bright curtains can make the space brighter and feel bigger.


“Shelving and storage is another great way to personalize your rental while also decluttering the space. Floating shelves are a great addition that can add some interest to your walls, or a shelf ladder where you can hang blankets and keep your floor clean. Multipurpose furniture is key in a rental, a great way to add storage and interest without taking up more space,” Micetich said.

If your place has radiators, it also has the perfect spot for additional shelving. There are designs for temporary built-in shelves that will not only cover the radiator safely but also add extra storage. Just make sure to leave space between the radiator and the shelving or cover-up. If you are not sure how to install this safely, talk to a professional so you can avoid any fire hazards.

“There are lots of little touches that can make your rental feel more like you. For an example, replace a plain white outlet switch with a patterned or swap out cabinet hardware for something more modern. You can even put in a different showerhead to make your bathroom feel more luxurious. Just be sure to keep the original to replace it when you move out,” Micetich said.


If your kitchen needs a refresh, but you are not able to add tiling, you can try peel-and-stick paper. This will work on any smooth surface. It can cover up outdated wall colors and even make your space feel brighter.

There are also similar options for flooring. Just remember to check with your landlord if you are making really big changes.

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