March 28, 2023

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grow your veggies at home with pininfarina’s la grangette home garden

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pininfarina has unveiled la grangette, an indoor vegetable garden equipped with artificial intelligence. the project consists of an innovative hydroponic farming experience that results in a new and interactive way to discover the pleasure of growing fresh products directly in user’s kitchen. 


designed by pininfarina and produced by la grangette, the indoor vegetable garden combines a sleek design with the latest technology, allowing the simultaneous cultivation of 64 plants, choosing from 43 varieties of salads, aromatic herbs and healthy.




la grangette features smart technology that allows to grow plants for food use without wastes, recreating the optimal conditions for each of them to reach full maturity. it consumes 90{011941dee92f7e161bd8a30615b46c669052522d707db6b18bff3298986a0426} less water than in conventional agriculture, without herbicides or pesticides, and allows fewer CO2 emissions during the plant’s life cycle.


‘our collaboration with la grangette has been absolutely exceptional, giving pininfarina the opportunity to demonstrate its unique capabilities to help create and bring to market ground-breaking product and service experiences,’ said xavier blanc baudriller, head of experience and product design at pininfarina. ‘it is an embodiment of our core beliefs and values: from approaching technology as permeating the very fabric of the products we design, bringing together the tangible and the intangible into one inseparable whole, to focusing not only on the beauty of an object but also on the delight of interacting with it, or designing and developing products in more sustainable ways and promoting more sustainable ways of living.’

grow your veggies at home with pininfarina's la grangette home garden


building on artificial intelligence and auto-growth monitoring, the home gardening appliance intuitively guides users throughout the various steps of growing plants. from indicating the most favorable seeding position for a healthy growth to information when the perfect time for harvesting has come, la grangette helps users discover new plants, scents and flavors.


everything is controlled via a mobile app designed to augment the sensorial experience of the product and of the plants growing inside it. its content and functionality helps users plan and experience a conscious and healthy diet.

la grangette has been designed with delicate and clean lines that suit every one type and style. it is available in three colors — light warm, cold grey, and dark warm — with solid wood finishes (oak, ash or pine) or in wood and metal.

grow your veggies at home with pininfarina's la grangette home garden

it is possible to pre-order it, with a price starting at 24,000 euro. delivery is set to summer 2022.


grow your veggies at home with pininfarina’s la grangette home garden

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