December 9, 2021

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Fort Lee barber strike ends with contractor agreeing to pay demands

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FORT LEE – The prolonged strike between barbers at Fort Lee and the contractor which employs them has finally come to its conclusion. 

The Contractor, Missouri-based Sheffield Barbers LLC, has agreed to a new collective bargaining agreement that will reinstate the pay rate barbers were making before the contractor began managing the shops in 2019.

Barbers have historically made 53% of the price for each haircut. When Sheffield took over, it began paying barbers 53% for a cut costing $11.25, the price from 2017. Barbers made this rate as the price per haircut was increased to $13.25. The discrepancy reduced some barbers’ wages by $1000 per month.

Under the new agreement, barbers will start earning 53% of the $13.25 posted price. If that price increases before 2025 those barbers will earn their percentage based on the increased price. This agreement went into effect on Oct. 25.

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