December 9, 2021

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Customization a double-edged sword for new-home buyers

4 min read

The prospect of making any major home design decision, like picking out flooring, cabinets or counters, turns my intestines into a Gordian knot. Like most people, I fret: How will this choice look with everything else in the house? Is it too boring? Too novel? How will it affect resale? Will it stand the test of time? Will it make my hips look big?

And that’s just one design choice. When new-home buyers have to make all those design decisions at once, they might as well just plan on dissolving into sobbing puddles of self-doubt.

I know. I have been in those design showrooms, struggling to make humongous, bank account draining decisions, with long-term consequences, biting my fingernails to their moons, while the design room salesperson impatiently waits with raised eyebrows.

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