June 30, 2022

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Contractor Compliance Releases Native iOS Application

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TORONTO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Contractor Compliance Inc., a global leader of Contractor Management Software, today announced the launch of their native iOS application, made available to all contractor subscribers and their respective workers.

“In today’s world, monitoring third party compliance towards health and safety expectations is becoming increasingly important,” said Mark Bania, Co-Founder & CEO of Contractor Compliance Inc. “Regardless of how mature an organization’s third party management program may have been, the last two years have led the majority of global organizations to evolve their processes to ensure the safety of their teams and to optimize operational efficiency.”

Over the last two years, Contractor Compliance Inc. has seen users of their platform grow by 366%. During this same period, Contractor Compliance Inc. has more than doubled their customer count as the demand for Contractor Management Software grows.

“Our clients value our ability to configure requirements that are specific to their organization’s needs. By empowering our clients to create requirements with ease, we’re seeing a significant increase in new requirement types being deployed to third party subscribers, including Covid-19 visitor screening, vaccination attestations, and others that our clients determine are needed for their specific situations,” said Mark Bania.

Contractor Compliance Inc.’s native mobile iOS application enables organizations to more efficiently communicate with their third-party contractors, suppliers & vendors regarding mandatory tasks prior to their next site visit. Through the iOS application, contractor subscribers and their respective workers can:

– Rapidly access their compliance status for their connected organizations to ensure mandatory requirements are satisfied.

– Upload necessary documents, review content (ex. site orientation videos), fill out digital forms, complete assessments, etc.

– Receive push notifications as new requirements are assigned, or existing submissions are nearing expiry to ensure ongoing compliance.

Contractor Compliance Inc.’s native iOS application is a major step in our commitment to optimize the experience for all users. Native Android will follow shortly.

About Contractor Compliance Inc.

Contractor Compliance (SaaS) simplifies the process for organizations to collect, manage and requalify third party contractor/supplier/vendor requirements to ensure that third-parties are able to enhance compliance.

With Contractor Compliance, organizations traditionally realize 70% time savings vs. traditional third-party management processes, all within 2 weeks of activating their Contractor Compliance license.

Visit www.contractorcompliance.io for more information.


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